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Speciality Services

Intermodal – IANA and UIIA Registered (Both Registered TM). Our experience with numerous container carriers and multiple yards throughout the country allows us to expedite your containers and related equipment quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Truckload – Truckload is our Bread and Butter. With over 10,000,000 miles in 2017 we have the equipment and personnel to safely manage your shipping program. We provide outstanding service and ensure your freight is a priority, so you can spend your time managing your business. Simply put, let us do what we do so you can do what you do.

Power Only – For shippers needing Power Only, we have you covered. We work with some of the world’s largest Brick and Mortar Retailers as well as On-Line Retailers whose shipping model includes using their own trailers.

Relax. We have Trailer Interchange Insurance, so we can safely move your product, in your trailers where it needs to go.

High Value Products – It is our name. Schilli Specialized Transportation. Not only do we move Freight of All Kinds, we have many years of experience moving High Value Products. Whether you are moving Multi Million Dollar Computer Systems or the most delicate Medical Devices, we have Climate Controlled, Air Ride, Blanket Wrap Trailers to safely deliver your near priceless products. We have delivered Billions of Dollars of HVP. Call today to discuss your HVP needs.

Warehouse Relocation – Whether you are a Manufacturer, Supplier or Distributor we are here to help when you outgrow your facilities. We assemble specific teams of Warehouse Moving Specialists anywhere in the country to facilitate your Warehouse Move. Our rates are some of the most competitive in the country because we are simply specialists in this venue.

POS Store Delivery and Setup – Over the past 13 years we have facilitated the Remodel, Relocation and Expansion of over 1000 Global Retail Establishments. We place specialists on site for the duration of your project along with the nationwide experience of our POS Team.

Dedicated Shuttle Services – We are known nationwide for our Dedicated Shuttle Services. Our trucks are designed for movement of trailers between your manufacturing facilities and distribution facilities.

Additionally, at large Distribution Centers, we move the unloaded drop trailers from the dock to an offsite location where vendors then pick them up. This frees up space in your docks, on your lots and reduces incoming traffic when vendors retrieve their trailers.